Hi all,

I purchased a mt300a yesterday from Amazon UK to replace a TP-link W9980 that died from a bad flash, I’ve flashed it a few times before & it was fine, this time however it borked, don’t ask me how or why it happened but meh, anyway.

I’m currently using the mt300a [powered via usb from a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 provided by samknows] as a gateway hooked up to an Openreach ECI modem, via PPPoE, everything is working fine, my internet [still for slow VDSL] is faster and I finally have an IPv6 addr [which the tp-link OEM firmware kept having issues with.]

My question is, and it’s a real simple one, will there ever be a GLi model that has support for A/VDSL? That would be awesome!

PS: I’m willing to be a guinea pig if one is planned hint, hint :wink:

does ADSL === pppoe? If yes then it is. If not, sorry. The router is not a modem. You need a modem first.

Hi Alzhao,

I know the mt300a isn’t a modem :). I was asking whether you plan to make a model that does support V/A-DSL without the need for a separate modem. As of right now there are very few routers/modems for VDSL that have openwrt support, at least not without some hackery.

A mini openwrt based v/adsl router/modem would [IMO] sell really well here in the UK. I’d love to replace the ECI Openreach modem with one.

I am not sure if V/A-DSL technology has been old and will depreciated. More and more ISP just provide a cable and it works.

These things are generally supplied by the ISP service providers. It is very difficult to get a product certified. So this is a problem.


ADSL is pretty old yes, but still in use in many countries. VDSL2 is becoming more common and is still being improved, See wikipedia.

TP-Link have many ADSL & VDSL 1/2 routers available. Sadly their firmware doesn’t seem to work with IPv6 /56. I very much doubt they managed to get theirs certified, at least not fully.

But anyway, if you do produce a model, please let me know. :).