Velica cannot get ipv6 connection behind home router


Can anyone advise how to setup my home router and/or Velica in order to have ipv6 connection ?

From my router perspective I can that Velica got assigned an ipv6 but from Velica it says no ipv6

is there a way to setup this ?

Does Velica enable the IPv6 option in the admin panel?


this is my isp router config

do I need to configure a subnet there ? with nexthop thing

Can I see the IPv6 assigned to the client device on the DHCPv6 page of your ISP router?

You can also see if the WAN6 interface is properly opened on the LuCI interface of Velica.

router doesnt give you much info for DHCPv6 apart on/off and android warnings
tho I can see the ip given in the router devices conf

I have add this ipv6 in static in router for WAN and kept NAT6 for LAN
reboot and good to go

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