Velica (GL-B2200) - Openwrt update bricking issue

Hello Brains Trust,

I have a peculiar issue with my Velica (GL-B2200) units (x2), which arose after reading up on the recent patching that allowed Openwrt release updates. I followed the commit as it mentioned (it has a weird typo of ‘gunzipped’… I assume that’s a typo?), and the only issue, I believe, was me messing up the initial step of using the openwrt install file over the sysupgrade version. No big deal I thought, so I followed the Uboot debricking instructions provided here, but just as is my luck, I cannot for the life of me, get any connection happening via network cable or wifi following a supposed stock firmware reflash. I have emailed a nice tech from who has tried to give me links and advice, but I still can’t seem to solve this puzzle.

I can follow everything in order to get me back to the Uboot page, but that’s all I can do, and I’ve attempted every variation to get things working again. The only thing I haven’t tried is a very early (perhaps release edition?) release of firmware.

It was mentioned in email tech support that I use the App to bring them back online, but that didn’t make sense to me, as a stock firmware flash and reboot, straight reset etc should bring wlan’s back online, or at least a pure ethernet connection direct… but there’s just one light on the unit/s and nothing happens. No available SSID and no available cable connection possible (other than reaching Uboot menu). *The app doesn’t help any, btw.

Does anyone have advice? I am really surprised by this. Is it possible I have totally bricked both devices?

So you can’t get the latest stable stock firmware to load via uboot?

That is correct, Limbot.

Can you let me know when you upload the firmware via uboot, it goes through or give error?

What is the LEDs status when you do the uboot process?

It goes through no problem, the screen comes up to say everything is being uploaded and that I can close the tab while it does it’s thing. The light status is the uploading of the stock firmware. I am doing the debrick method correctly, to enter Uboot, as I would not be able to otherwise… at least I don’t believe so?

Modem IP set to

Velica is as per usual

When I turn the Velica on/power up, a few seconds of two white lights…then the top light only, which stays on and turns light blue.

Hi Eagertman:
Based on the situation you described:
“a few seconds of two white lights…then the top light only”

The ‘system partition table’ should be corrupted, you need to restore the ‘system partition table’ with uboot.

You can tell me your email privately, and I will send your firmware to restore this partition table.

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I have exactly the same problem with my Velica router. Could you send me the firmware to restore the partition table.