Velica (GL-B2200)- the right choice?

I’m looking to set up a mesh network in my home. I’m considering the Velica (GL-B2200) but I’m curious how other folks would rate it?

NOT considering the built-in VPN and DNS secure features, how does its performance compare to some of the other contemporary mesh routers currently sold by Google, TP-Link, Asus, or Eero? I’m concerned about stability and reliability, coverage and speed. Adding vpn and secure dns is secondary.

Is this mesh router truly a “player” in today’s market? TIA…

As you said, VPN and secure DNS are strong points. Also, it’s open.
As for stability and reliability, coverage and speed, it’s hard to tell.

throw bricks and start jade.

Wouldn’t touch these things with a 40 foot barge pole. I returned mine. Very buggy and the mesh nodes don’t service 2.4ghz clients, they only connect to master. Support have no idea.