Velica GL-B2200 with no Internet connection

I am having problems with my Velica GL-B2200 mesh system.

I have the base node and two extra nodes. I am using them to set up a local wireless mesh network. This network is never connected to the Internet and I don’t want it connected to the Internet. I have probably around 30 clients trying to access this network. Some clients get on fine and but many never get on. They get “can’t access network” messages or “unable to load”. Is there a setting somewhere where I can make the performance better?

I read on another post that if there is no Internet connection that the 2.4 and 5 Ghz wireless is shut off. Is this correct? I really want to make this system work, but so far it has been incredibly unreliable.

Not sure why you want to set up a local network without Internet.

I think it caused a lot of problem to the router because all it want to do is to connect to the Internet.

Also for client devices if there is no Internet, a lot of devices will complian and cause problems.

I am not using this in a house. It is used in locations where many time there is no Internet available. I want to only create a local network to run a web server on and clients can connect to the network and access the web server.

I specifically asked gl-Inet before I purchased if the Vellica would work without an Internet connection and I was told told that it would.

Is there a way to tell the router to stop looking for the Internet?

Can the client devices connect to the router’s wifi or not?

Yea, they can connect to the SSID but then can’t access anything on the network. This is not for all clients, just about 50% of them. The other half work as expected with no problems.

After connecting to the wifi SSID, are the clients able to access the main GL-B2200 Velica web server’s Admin login page at its IP address?

Are all the clients able to ping your local web server at its IP address on the same subnet?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I will have to do more testing to find out. Some of the clients are phones so ping is not really an option to try with them. I will try to access the router web interface though.