Velica Speeds

I recently bought 4 velicas because I was previously using some mango v2s on repeater mode but was getting almost unusable speeds and thought it could be because of the halving of speeds when using multiple repeaters.

However, the same problem has persisted with the velicas. My current setup has a mobile phone (on EE UK)that is usb tethering to a mango v2. I then have ethernet from the mango to the main velica1 (with wifi turned off on the mango). A speed test on the mobile itself gives me an average of 80mbps. I can get this fine through the velica1 but going to the other velicas drops the speed. Velica2 on the same floor 1 (6m away through 2 doors) as Velica1 has just tested at about 15bmps then Velica3 and Velica4 on the ground floor below Velica2 (3m down) are going to 1mbps. I thought having tri band mesh would solve this issue but apparently not. I don’t have any other wifi networks other than Velica running in the house or any foreign wifi networks coming into the house. I don’t have guest wifi on. The setup was fine.

Any ideas what’s going on before I have to return these? Thanks.

I am not sue what is the reason. But there seems definitely a problem there.

Do you have walls between the main Velica 1 and 2?

Maybe we can have a remote check?


There is a door&window between 1 and 2.

What kind of remote access? PC/Router? I just want to get it sorted so I’m open it. PM me to sort it?

I need to access via ‘remote desktop’. This may take you some time.
To better communication,you could add my skype:992d088757c1120f.

What times are you available? Are you in Hong Kong?

Year, It is now in the same time zone as Hong Kong.

What exactly will you be doing on my pc (is it just my pc)?
Will you just be browsing the router web Luci interface? I need to know for privacy reasons and so I can get it all ready in advance so we don’t waste any time. I want to be able to watch while it happens and record it etc.

I’ve not used remote desktop yet, only teamviewer and anydesk.

What times are you available?

Hi lowspeedhelp,

What is your firmware version of velicas? According to your description, your network environment is relatively complex.So I need to get a lot of information to check and optimize you network.So It is better to have a more real-time communication environment. What chat tools do you have that I can apply to register one to join you if it is convenient for you?

Hi lowspeedhelp,
I have register telegram and apply to add you.My usename is ‘@shinezhang’.

I’m available from 10 to 22 in Hong Kong time zone on May 11th.


What a strange situation I have 3 Velica nodes and I get the exact same speed. I even tried to connect in the LAN port of the velica. I get 80mbps for the first one and 15mbps for the second one. In the same part of the building, if I connect to the WAN provider WiFi I get 300mbps.

Have you solved this issue?

Thank you


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the root of the issue. I spent a long time with lizh who try to diagnose the issue through remote control of my pc but he couldn’t help.

In the end I returned the Velicas and got Beryls instead. I then laid cable around the house going directly into each beryl instead of a mesh network. I found that through the beryl I can get the full original speed through a 5ghz network however, the 2.4ghz network will still be slower than it should be, for example getting 60 instead of 90. I’m not sure why. I even bought a radiation measurer to see if I was getting 2.4ghz interference at my house but didn’t seem like there was.

I would see if you have the issue on 5ghz WiFi but other than that I don’t have much advice.


I’ve sent an email to the support. Will probably have to send back 2 of the 3 unit back. Mesh do not perform as expected. On the produc page of the Velica we see Wi-Fi Speed 400Mbps (2.4GHz), 2x867Mbps(5GHz). So you sent the Velica back directly to GL-iNet?

Thank you

No, just an Amazon return.

Hi lowspeedhelp:

Sorry for taking so long to recover your information. We checked this together last time.
And there are several factors that affect your speed:

1, In your environment, the network bandwidth is a huge limitation:We test with speedTest ,the speed is only about 30-70 and is erratic. This is the main reason why the actual use experience is not good.
2, In addition, In MESH,the speed of the third and fourth jumps will also be reduced.So in the case of low network bandwidth, this experience will be worse.