Verizon SIM on SPITZ AX

Needing help with connecting a Verizon business 5G internet sim to my Spitz Ax. The sun was previously used in a Verizon gateway, but connection was horrible. I’m brand new to this and don’t know how to do much, but I was able to go into the Spitz Ax and change the APN to VZWINTERNET. This did not help. The sim has already been activated and I had been using it. Just not sure why it is saying SIM card not registered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try switching to SIM2 (even though there may not be a sim inserted in SIM2), wait for ~60 seconds and then switch back to SIM1. That seems to work for my Visible (Verizon MVNO) sim.

No such luck. Still says SIM card not registered.

After switching back to SIM1 did you check the APN value? I’ve had it change to “internet” on it’s own and had to switch it back to VZWINTERNET.

Have you tried to re-seat the sim card i.e. remove and reinsert it?

Just wanted to pop in and say that I just fired up my Spitz and as per usual, Visible would not connect on startup. I switch to the empty SIM 2 slot, waited a minute and switched back to the SIM 1 slot and Visible connected. Running 4.0-release10305.

When I use Verizon SIMs, I always have to do Manual Setup after bootup and select the VERIZON VZWINTERNET APN. The modem will reconfigure itself and reconnect and then it works fine.

Manual setup showed the proper VZWINTERNET at startup but wouldn’t connect until after jumping through the hoops. Hopefully GL-iNet is able to figure out the issue.

I was having a similar problem. This morning I noticed an available upgrade for my Spitz AX. Did the update and BAM, Verizon connects almost immediately.

I would suggest updating to firmware build release50402.