Version 4.4.5 has been taken down?

Version 4.4.5 has been taken down? Seeing everyone reporting bugs for v4.4.5, I can’t help but feel concerned. I’d like to consult official support. If I’ve already upgraded to v4.4.5, what’s the best course of action? Should I roll back to the previous version or wait for the next update? If there’s a forthcoming update, will there be any configuration changes that need to be manually addressed? This doesn’t seem like the stable version I’m familiar with. :face_in_clouds:
My model is AXT-1800.

I just rolled back to the previous stable version.

Same here with AXT-1800. I emailed tech support on an issue I experienced with 4.4.5 and after a few days of troubleshooting they informed me that 4.4.5 has been revoked. I was advised to downgrade to 4.2.3. I downloaded this version and used the web interface local file option, retain settings option enabled, performed the “upgrade” and everything returned to normal operation. I am using OpenVPN client, OpenVPN server, and goodcloud. YMMV.

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