Very low speed on both WiFi and Ethernet


I purchased a GL.iNet Flint2 router. It just arrived today.

I configured it, and installed it, replacing my old TP-Link Archer C2300. Now, my issue is that the transfer speeds of the new router are about half of what I got on the old one, both on WiFi (5 GHz) and via ethernet.

The setup is as follows:

  • the ISP device is in passthrough mode and internet traffic just flows through it

  • a Cat6 ethernet patch cable connects the ISP device to the WAN port of the Flint2 router

  • I have a Raspberry Pi server connected directly to the Flint 2 router, in a 1Gbps ethernet port

  • another ethernet cable (Cat 5e) connects a 1Gbps port of the Filnt 2 to an ethernet wall outlet

  • the wall outlet connects to a switch in my office, and, also to the switch, I have connected my home server (via Cat 5e)

  • I got two computers connected via WiFi 5Ghz, which are the largest consumers

  • there are also other computers and various appliances, a TV, a vacuum cleaner, etc.

The Filnt 2 router is inside a plastic cabinet, in the exact middle of the home, close to the ISP device.

The problems are as follows:

  • I can’t seem to get wifi speeds higher than 200-250 Mbps, via Wifi 5GHz; with the previous router I always had a speed of a minimum of 300 Mbps, with the average being around 400-450 Mbps

  • the home server used to get close to 1 Gbps transfer speed, and now it has a max of 400 Mbps, only in some cases, but most of the time it’s around 300-350

While I could, theoretically explain wifi speeds (weaker signal maybe), I can’t however, find a plausible reason why the speed over ethernet has lowered so drastically. Please keep in mind that the router I was using previously (and it’s quite old), was sitting in the same place as the new one, but had more than double the speed. I was expecting to get at least marginally higher speeds with the Flint 2.

For context, the devices I’m testing it on are a 2017 iMac (AC WiFi) and an M1Pro MacBook Pro (AX WiFi).

I guess that I might be missing something while configuring the router. Since I kinda like it a lot and would not want to send it back, please give me a hand in tuning the settings to obtain the desired result.

Thank you in advance!

I don’t own a Flint 2, but the bug thread seems to indicate you might try firmware 4.5.7. I do believe it will factory reset your settings, so write down anything you need ahead of time. Take a look at the thread, though, and see if you think it will help.

Talked to support. They said that 4.5.7 was causing issues with WiFi and was retracted. They will release 4.5.8 over the next few weeks.

What worries me, though, is that I have crappy performance on ethernet also, and it should not happen. It’s about 350-400 Mbps while with the previous router is was close to 1000.

And also, they said that 4.5.7 caused WiFi issues, but I have 4.5.6 installed. I’m curious if this firmware version also causes/caused WiFi slowdowns for others.

4.5.8 is supposed to address the ethernet issues as well. I believe there is another thread on this you might check into.

I tried the 4,5,7 release but the best thing is the wifi speed in 5 ghz band. They’re a lot of bugs but not in wifi real throughput .
The 4.5.6 release has a good wifi drivers , in my situation I’m able to reach 1.8 gigabit with a client near the router.

This is fw 4.5.7… so… its ok… i m back to 4.5.6 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If you haven’t see it, look into the 4.5.8 thread. Hopefully released soon to help address shortcomings in the 4.5.7 codebase. 4.5.6 appears to be the best path right now.