Very slow VPN speed on Flint2


I have a great speed problem with Flint2 while using VPN.

Without VPN it works well.

Situation BEFORE Flint

  • Standard router of my service provider: ADB Crow Ax5400.

  • Speed test WITHOUT Wireguard made with about 100/20 Mbps

  • Speed test WITH Wireguard made from the same site: about 70/18 Mbps

Note: the Wireguard server is a VM on Proxmox on the same lan.

Situation AFTER Flint

  • Speed test WITHOUT Wireguard made from the same site: about 100/20 Mbps

  • Speed test WITH Wireguard made from same site: about 20/18 Mbps

The download speed dropped down dramatically.

Note: tested both internal Flint2 Wireguard server and my personal VM Wireguard server, same results.

The problem seems to be in Flint2.

I don’t supose you have a WG conf for a provider like Mullvad, IVPN, Surfshark, etc.? Something is defiantly off. My Flint v1 gets 115 Mbps down over WG, easily.

No VPN client activated on Flint, no commercial VPN provider.

Yeah, I just don’t know then. Even the cheapest I’ve seen, Surfshark, advertises 1 Gbps locations but if you don’t have one, you don’t have one. Do you have a spare machine that you can boot a live USB & set up a WG peer to hardline to the Flintv2 via its auto-generated confs? WG is technically all P2P so it shouldn’t technically matter if the Flintv2 is the ‘WG Server’ in a S2S as long as the routes are good. See below for a template:

You could also check by & even self host Open Speed Test.

Did you ever figure out the problem? I just got the Flint 2 and also have much slower speeds with VPN compared to my old Flint 1. 4mbps vs. 10mbps using openvpn.

Both values are pretty low, how much speed provides your ISP?