VirtualHere over S2S Gl.INET

Hi guys,

i build successfully an S2S-VPN over goodcloud-connection between my two
GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 with customized policys, so only the GW-Router can reach Nodes Subnet.
All works perfect.

But now i need to share a USB device (FTDI) connected to the Nodes
GL-MT300N-V2 to the GW-MT300N-V2-LAN.

I read we can share USB devices over IP with software VirtualHere.
So i search and found an customized firmware for the MT300N-V2 with Cloudhub.
I write the customize firmware to the node and try to connect. all is perfect.
But no i see there is no WEBUI to reconfigure S2S again.

Anyone has an idea how to setup VirtualHere on original firmware?

Just follow the regular setup for generic Linux on their website: Linux USB Server | VirtualHere. You’ll need the MIPSEL build, or if you want to go one step further, use the optimised MIPSEL-24Kc (but that is license bound).

OpenWRT also includes the more standard usbip software, which you could use for this purpose - it has clients not just for OpenWrt, but generic Linux (mainline kernel support since 3.17) and Windows as well. Plus, it’s completely free and open source. This is the guide for setting it up though parts of it might be outdated.

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Thanks for your fast reply!

Ok, i install the MIPSEL Build from virtualhere. Is there a install/config docu?

Thanks for give me an alternative :slight_smile:

You need to use the VirtualHere guides, as that is not a GL.inet software, thus we can’t really give you support here.