Visible APN changes

Just an FYI that I installed a new visible sim today and had to set the APN to Verizon’s APN (vzwinternet, ims, vzwadmin,vzwapp) instead of the Visible APN’s (VSBLINTERNET,VSBLIMS,VSBLAPP,VSBLADMIN).

If you had problems with “sim card not registered”, that may be resolved now that VZW APN’s are being used for their new plans.

Old APN’s


New APN’s

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Can you let me know if this is the guide from Visible or you made it work by yourself?

That is not from Visible. I did not speak to them, but noticed the “sim not registered” message with VSBLIMS and that ims made that message go away.

I set vzwinternet and it connected fine.

Visible should be retiring their old plans in Q1 of 2023, so I went ahead and tried their new plan tiers and signed up for a new account this week with a new sim.

Edit: I just put the new sim into my Opal and “auto connect” worked. It has never worked with the Visible APN’s. Hopefully the AT commands make it easy to try both APN configurations without too much fuss, but I have those in my notes for my travel routers now. I sometimes switch to t-mobile and AT&T, so it makes configuration a little easier.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

“Hopefully the AT commands make it easy to try both APN configurations without too much fuss”
→ The mechanism will be updated to make this easier to handle.

Thank you.