Visible sim on x1200?

Anyone know how to setup a Visible SIM on an X1200?

I just get SIM card not registered

I’m using an EP06 modem and have been trying the solution from the below link but I don’t think there is a 1 to 1 between the commands on that router and the X1200. I could be wrong but I can’t get it to work.

I am setting this up per those instructions:

using USB3 as Device doesn’t work if I have to use USB2 for the port when executing AT commands? So should I use USB2 as the device and execute the commands against USB3? What do I do when I am done executing commands? Should I reboot the Amarok or reset the modem? Something else?

Currently, it does not say Sim card not registered. But it is not serving internet either.

ttyUSB2 or ttyUSB3 can be used interchangeably.

If you use one for data and you should use another one for AT command.