VLAN Bridge


I have a ONT fiber optics modem, and my ISP provide an IPTV service and a device, when connecting the device directly to the ONT modem, it works perfectly, but when connecting it to the Convexa S it, shutter and not working correctly. I read about the problem, and found that I need to implement a VLAN bridge to make the IPTV device to connect directly to the ONT modem and obtaining it’s IP. how can I implement that on Convexa S.

You can set the router to Access Point mode directly
Please refer to More Settings - GL.iNet Docs

Setting it to the access point mode makes me lose the benefits of the router mode, which I bought the router for

You can try to clone the MAC address of IPTV

I don’t think that this will work here is my concept

I have an ISP modem (ONT) which has network Ip range:
after that Modem I have the ( convexa-S) which is on router mode with Ip range:

I have an IPTV device from my ISP. I need it to be connected to the (Convexa-S) but to pull the IP from the (ONT modem). cause when the IPTV device be connected to another router, it shutter and disconnect.

how to make a VLAN bridge between this IPTV device and the (ONT modem) throught the Convexa-S) router?

Operators typically use MAC addresses to distinguish between devices, so, you can disguise your router as your IPTV with a MAC clone
Of course, I don’t guarantee it will work

Aha, ok I will try it, hope it will work. thank you for your help

Did you get this to work? I have the same issue…