Vlan help

Hi everyone,

I have created this thread to get some help on creating a vlan on my MT-1300 Berly and GL-AX1000 flint Routers.

I have looked everywhere online and nothing seems to give a streamline approach or instructions to set this up.

Would it be possible for someone knowledgeable to provide a step by step instruction for creating a VLAN on the LuCi page for OpenWRT.

Let’s please do this so for people in the future have a place to reference to create a VLAN. If anyone had any guides online I have missed please post them here!

My plan was to create a VLAN on my Berly on the 5ghz wifi network to be able just to run a VPN on that one port instead of globally. Avoiding the other wi-fi network being included in the tunnel.

I am more interested in understanding how to create them generally.

Thank you!

You can first refer this link:

Hi thank you for this, but is it possible just to use the GUI to configure a vlan instead of making changes through cli? In the switch and interface tab for example I’m just confused about how to create a VLAN.

You add a vlan ID and need to use the tagged and untagged pointers to assign I just don’t get it. Can you help me do it?

I think you’re getting a lil’ahead of yourself. VLANs aren’t something a general home user is going to be seeking beyond a Guest VLAN. If you want to write up a HOW-TO on how to do it using LuCI, go for it! These forums support the Markdown syntax. See the following for examples: