Vodafone Germany with GL-X3000 (Spitz) 5G connection

Hi There,

I have some spped and connection problems with my Spitz.
The first setup was a nightmare with entering the pin but solved. I received around 200 - 220 Mbit/s connected with NR5G.
The modem only worked with APN event.vodafone.de.
Every adjustment to the configuration resulted in the modem no longer establishing a connection to the Internet.

Short description:

  • Latest firmware: RM520NGLAAR03A02M4GA (2023-11-06)
  • Mostly only LTE connection → slow (50 - 80 Mbit/s)
  • Sometimes NR5G connection 180 - 220 Mbit/s (Bands 3, 78)
  • All LTE bands masked → Not connection (Sim not registered)
  • Always ipv4. Other routers always ipv6. Problem?

I then installed the latest modem firmware RM520NGLAAR03A02M4GA (2023-11-06).
Now the correct APN (web.vodafone.de) is being used, but the download speeds have plummeted as it rarely connects to the 5G NSA bands. If I deactivate the LTE bands, the corresponding 5G bands are also no longer connected. The modem then shows that the SIM is not registered.

Basically, LTE band 1 is always connected and a maximum of two additional bands (alternating between 3, 20, 28, 78). Band 78 in particular feels very performant, but is only ever connected for a short time.

I have tried many routers so far, but only the TP Link Deco 5G has always connected reliably to 5G and also had speeds of 150 - 250 Mbps. I have also always been assigned an ipV6 there. In the X3000 I always get an ipv4.

Best regards an thank you

Is your router ipv6 enabled?
Can 5g NSA band be tested using only Band 78?

Ip V6 is active tried NAT6 and Native. I do not know whats the difference.
It will not connect any 5G Band directly. Also tried with onlz 78.
I even reseted the modem again.

Select nat6
Which band is your TP Link Deco 5G in?

As far as I remember it switched between 3 and 28.

Can you share your devices to the GoodC
Technical Support via GoodCloud.zip (158.9 KB)

Yesterday I found out, when inserting the Sim in my iphone 14 Pro I was not able to connect to 5G either. Additionally the Vodafone App shows that the Sim is used in an iphone 11.

After that I looked up in the Vodafone App and activated 5G SA. And it connected again to 5G NSA.

Could it be that the ISP recognizes the router? The SIM is supposed to be used only in mobile devices. Due to court decisions the ISP is not longer allowed to distinguish between mobile devices and routers. Normally everything should work fine.

Hi There I just shared the device. How should I send you pw and mac?

I got some additional Information as I tried a ZTE 899 Outdoor. Connection Quality is nearly the same.
CA was
1;1;20 or 1;1;28
Always plus Band 3 5G NSA
In LTE Only Mode

It seams that Band 1 is some kind of main band.

@Jfjdb Where did you obtain the latest 2023-11-06 firmware for the GL-X3000 router?

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Hello @Jfjdb

Can you help provide the complete device name and module model of TP Link Deco 5G? In order to check the difference between it and the RM520NGL module.

Hi Summer,

I tried Deco X50-5G and ZTE 889. Both use Snapdragon X62.

I have to add. Both of them connect 3x CA LTE + 1x 5G.