VPN access lan only, no wan.

I’m currently using several Netgear routers at different locations which have a built in VPN function based on openvpn. I only use the VPN connection to access devices on the local network, and the Netgear routers have a built in function that allows to block access to wan and let the clients to connect only to LAN (home network only setting on the image below)

Id like to replace these routers with gl inet flint units. Is there any setting that allows me to do that using openvpn or wiregusrd? Thank you.

Yep, you can definitely do the same with Flint.

Here you will find all tutorials and information.

I first replaced my NetGear VPN feature using a GL.iNet MT2500 Brume 2 VPN device a year ago using TCP passthrough on the NetGear. A few months ago when the GL.iNet MT6000 Flint 2 was released, I got it since I wanted an upgrade to WiFi 6. The Flint 2 replaced both the NetGear and Brume 2 VPN device I was using. I plan to use the Brume 2 at another family members house to replace an old EOL GL-AR750S Slate that I’m using as a VPN device there which was the first GL.iNet device I ever purchased.

The big reason I got the Brume 2 in the first place was because the GL.iNet V4 firmware allows the OpenVPN Server to provide what I consider two-factor-authentication since it allows using both the OpenVPN client certificate and a username/password to connect to the OpenVPN Server.