VPN active but do not see it in GoodCloud

I am having an issue with my GoodCloud. Every morning I go into GoodCloud to see if my VPN client is connected to the VPN server located elsewhere. Today, I didn't see 2 of the 3 devices I have connected via Goodcloud - the server and my local client. I can see there is a connection between the devices as my client shows the IP address of the server when I visit https://icanhazip.com/ .

When I went on my local client, it had a invalid certificate and wanted to do a firmware update. Do you think that invalid certificate is what is causing the problem?

EDIT: I think I figured it out. I think it is an expired certificate. It was a year ago that this was setup and the only change from yesterday to today was the expired certificate. I will update the certificate on the client tomorrow and see if it shows up in Goodcloud. If it does, I have confirmed the issue. If it doesn't, I will continue to troubleshoot.

Depends on what this invalid certificate was about. Without a screenshot or a log line it will be difficult to say something smart about it.

Understood. It was an "expired" certificate. Usually that means nothing, you click advanced and continue to the login page but I am wondering if an expired certificate would keep the router from showing on goodcloud.

My wife is using the computer that the VPN client is connected to and I will troubleshoot further later on. I have all day tomorrow to figure it out.

I think I have figured this out - expired certificates are the cause. Why do I say that? All 4 devices I setup exactly a year ago are not showing up in Goodcloud. The one I setup in January is showing. All 4 of the devices that were setup a year ago are saying they have expired certificates. I am going to test this and find out if that is the case before I say it is the cause BUT I am 99% certain.

I too don't know what is this.

What happened is the first time I logged into the Brume 2 after it has fallen off the GoodCloud website is that I would get an "expired certificate" before the login page comes up. I have to click "advanced" and it gives a speel about how there is an expired certificate and if I trusted the site. I click on yes, and then I get to the login screen.

VPN is active, just cannot get the device to show in GoodCloud.

all of my routers disappeared. I should have 5 online now. They all show offline. However I can connect to them via vpn

Do you mean login page of the router or Goodcloud?

Goodcloud service down yesterday. It should work now.

It is working for me now. Took 2 days but I am grateful that it is back.