VPN behind a router using NAT?

I would like to allow VPN access to the local network, but we are already running a 192.168.x.x subnet that has a variety of NAT rules. I was hoping I could open a port to the GL-Inet router and have it function as a VPN server, routing traffic to the LAN. The problem is the WAN port and the LAN port would both be on the same network!

We only have one public IP address, and I’d rather not pull the existing router that is getting the job done for us, but would like to add VPN for people needing to access from outside.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Turning on this option may meet your needs
The GL-inet router VPN service is working on the WAN port.
If there’s IP range conflict, you can change GL-Inet router LAN IP.

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Allow Remote Access LAN was definitely the biggest tweak I needed to make.

I ended up setting the unit as WAN interface, listening for VPN connections and forwarding ports to the LAN. VPN connects work, and the port forwarding works. So that’s a win.

The OpenVPN connection seriously slows down Remote Desktop though, but that’s a different issue and another thread I’ll be opening if I don’t find the issue already dealt with in a search.

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