VPN cascading on Flint is not working (4.2.0 snapshot firmware)


Currently am used for my Flint is 4.2.0 snapshot firmware.

I have tested the flint on both protocols for PPPOE and DHCP is not working. Once the VPN client is toggle on then the VPN server is not able to access on my phone.
Whereby, once the VPN client is toggle off then it was able to access the VPN server on my phone.

So far on the other router model is working on the vpn cascading function such as Slate AX and Brume 2 as well of the version for 4.2.0 snapshot firmware.

What is the problem, pls :pray:?


what’s the compile time of the firmware for flint and slate ax? The flowing is mine.

Could you copy and run following command

cd /tmp
iptables-save >ipt
ip rule >ipr
ip route show table 51 >>ipr
ip route show table 52 >>ipr
tar cf ipt.tar ipt ipr
mv ipt.tar /www/ipt.zip

get debug info collection file at
and upload it. for example my setup.
ipt.zip (20.5 KB)

This is Slate AX :point_up:
:point_up: this is Flint

Could you please decribe how to run the command as am not an advance tech guy?

SSH to the router, then run the command. Please check the SSH guide.

Then what should i do? After enter is nothing?

(upload the ipt.zip here )

Am cannot open your ipt.zip?

Did you get the ipt.zip file? If you access, it will download the file.

I can’t get you actually? After download the ipt.zip file then? How to upload?

Trying open the ipt.zip file? This is the error and upload for what?

You can upload a file like this.

ipt.zip (21 KB)

Hey guys,
it turns out the issue is cause by keeping setting sysuprade.
For temporary workaround, issue command

uci set wireguard_server.main_server.fwmark='0x80000'
uci commit wireguard_server

The toggle wg server once.

This bug will be fixed asap.
@alannts425 @cafebug


You mean SSH the command again while toggle on the VPN server

I got it after the command issue and it’s working fine. Please rectify the issue accordingly. Btw, thank you so much for your kindness help.

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the workaround didnt work on my flint, however my firmware is version 4.1

I remember 4.1 don’t have the function of VPN cascading, plz upgrade:):slight_smile:

cascading vpn working on flint 4.2 beta1

edit: only for while, now i cant save any settings and not sure what was the problem, probably going back to 4.1