VPN client and server

Hi, I have an OVPN client running on my Slate AX. I wanted to also run a WireGuard server but found on the forum that it is not supported to run two.

But I am also reading that it is in the making (is there any update on that?):

I believe in the mean time if I add for example a Beryl behind the Slate and I port forward the WG server port to Beryl I will be able to use that VPN server and redirect my WG client connection through Beryl right?

If you are using firmware 4.1 release 2 it is already working. Some bugs though.

That sounds great. Is there any particular known bugs that you can share which may affect the daily usage of the device? And wow I just realized I mixed up, I have Flint, not Slate, sorry it was really late.
And if I upgrade what will happen with the config/luci/installed apps etc? I guess I need to reconfigure/reinstall everything, right?

It has 4.1 firmware as well. Pls try.

Some people cannot use server and client together. Will fix asap.

Sounds great. And I am going to lose my config and installed apps/luci right?

Luci will be there. Install by default.

But I mean all the settings. Are they going to be reset? I also have some custom init scripts that starts some service.

Yes everything will reset. Pls back up everything

Okay thanks for the answers. Do you have a list of changes/new features for version 4.1? Or git commits or something where I can see what else I get with it?

It is here Release Release v4.1.0_axt1800_release2 · gl-inet/gl-infra-builder · GitHub