VPN client connecting to VPN server on Raspberry PI

dear forum.gl-inet.com

i have configured a vpn client on my GL-AR300M-604 to connect with my openvpn server running on a raspberry pi. the client connects successfully and status stays green, but no packets seem to go through the VPN tunnel (based on my sniffing the VPN server).

i have turned off/on VPN policies and various settings. when i turn the tunnel off or allow a client to bypass it, all is good.

This same VPN server works fine with linux based openvpn clients but there, i have to apply a firewall rule to “force” packets into the tunnel.

do you do something similar on this router?

why isnt traffic going through the tunnel?

very frustrating…


Can you pos the content of ovpn file?

Do you use username/password and private key passphrase for the connection?

Good morning,

I found the problem and my VPN tunnel is now working just fine.

the problem turned out to be conflicting compression defaults between server (compression off by default) and GL-AR300M-604 client (compression ON by default). The ridiculous error messages didn’t help much, but my fault none the less. Lesson:- more speed less haste!

Compression is supposed to be off by default. How do I force it off in my openvpn client config file?

Thx! --Andrew

Maybe try add this line

comp-lzo no