VPN creates a Tun0 interface, but how do I "see" this?


How does the OpenWRT side of the Beryl config work?

For example. I have created a VPN tunnel, to ProtonVPN, and I know that this is creating a Tun0 interface, however when I go into the OpenWRT config
I do not see a “VPN” menu
I do not see a Tun0 interface listed under the “interface” menu


What did you see? You could post screenshot etc.

The word “interface” means different thing in different context.

“tun0” is generally the network interface that created by openvpn process.

While in OpenWrt’s Luci interface, it has its own interface concept, which means the configuration entry. “tun0” will be referred as hardware interface.

VPN manual in Luci requires luci-app-openvpn package.