VPN Cross Usage

I’m trying to set up cross internet usage using two routers in different countries.

My task: the VPN client connects to the VPN server using the public IP address This VPN client connects to the USA Internet provider. At the same time, the computer ( in the VPN server network ( must access the Internet provider CHINA using the existing VPN connection (

Currently the NoteBook has access to the ISP USA network as expected using the connection → VPN client → VPN server → USA
however, WorkPC does not have access to ISP China, instead it connects to ISP USA. How can I force WorkPC to use the following route → VPN server → VPN client → ISP China?

This indeed is a very complicated setup. We have such a setup but much complicated than using two routers.
Also please note wireguard does not go through China firewall.

This was an example. Of course the location used is different.

What are my actions?

Sorry I don’t have a solution for you.

Maybe you can build a Site2Site setup, then set up another layer of VPN inside of the S2S network.