VPN dashboard disappeared in new firmware AX1800

I’ve just upgraded my AX1800 to 4.2.1, then noted the VPN dashboard doesn’t show up, may I know why? And how can I access the VPN dashboard?
Language setting is english
Thank you!

Please refer to

But I bought it from Hong Kong and am using it in HK, still have the restrictions?

This restriction does not apply to devices sold in Hong Kong.

Which platform did you purchase it from?
Is the VPN Dashboard page the only one not showing up or is the entire VPN module not showing up?
Can you try running the system/get_info API from SSH to check the country_code field? Just click “Generate Shell Command” and paste it into the SSH client.

Shit… I bought it from Sham Shui Po store, just checked the country code is CN

any way to change it?
Many thanks!

Could you please tell us which store you bought in Sham Shui Po?
Some non-official authorization stores may buy the mainland version and then resell it in Hong Kong.

Can’t recall exactly which store, coz there’s a lot of stores in Sham Shui Po you know, few months already, all i remember is i just walk around and compared prices from several and purchased from one with the lowest price… God knows it’s from mainland

According to your situation, you may need to contact the Sham Shui Po Store to arrange a NON-CN Version AX1800 replacement or refund.

Huh this is really helpful