VPN drops same time

My VPN is dropping at the exact same time every day at 3:18 PM. It does not drop at any other time.

Is it possible this is happening on the router?

The router also does NOT automatically reconnect to the VPN which is a pain in the ass. I have to manually go in to the router and reconnect every time, and a lot of times I am working and busy with other things.

It’s possible the VPN company is doing this, but I don’t think so. I don’t know if I should do a full router reboot. It could also be my ISP doing this for some reason.

I don’t know why I can’t have the VPN automatically reconnect. I am using 4.3.7 release4 for Convexa B. I could downgrade to stable if you think that will resolve this. I do not use that many 4 beta features.

Also, the VPN leaks without the Kill Switch option when you change VPN locations or turn the VPN, it is sometimes leaking in Beta 4 without the kill switch, which is also annoying. This is with the Global Settings set to route everything through the VPN. I have no logs or proof of this but have seen it happen prior to beta 4.3.7 release4.

Any details about your vpn? Wireguard, openvpn? Any logs?

Wireguard. I haven’t had this problem before. Connecting to a VPN server from a company that doesn’t log and has previously let me stay connected for many days and does not seem to care about length of connection time.

I am very concerned about privacy and am concerned about providing logs in a public forum. I’m not sure if I even have many logs and tend to erase them out of privacy concerns.

Someone is either trying to breach my network, or something has become corrupted, or my ISP or someone with access to my ISP is using behavioral profiling to try to ascertain things about me.

If the VPN just automatically reconnected, this wouldn’t be a problem. But the disconnection for a certain time, and manually giving information by a manual reset, may be providing an adversary such as a bad actor with information.

What should I be looking it? It may just be best to reset the entire router to rule out it being a router problem. Is this possible to do? What would you suggest?