VPN Guest Wifi Additional SSID

Is it possible to have 2 seperate wifi SSIDs, one with VPN attached to and one without.
For example.

  1. SSID - VPNGuest5ghz
  2. SSID - Guestghz

Might be possible with advanced routing voodoo in OpenWRT itself (using VLAN then?) but not out of the box.

I believe @admon suggestion is on the right track. I think it can be done out of the box by the following.

Changing Global Proxy to Based on the VLAN from the VPN Dashboard and selecting either your Private or Guest network to use the VPN, I believe should do the trick.

EDIT: I just realised, this is not an additional Guest Wi-Fi, it’s split tunnelling the Private and Guest networks through a VPN. This might be what you are after, or it might not be the case.

Hmm interesting… I might run an extra glinet router for just this purpose…