VPN initiated to Device 1 but Connected to Device 1 & 2

I am using Flint Device. I initiated ‘VPN Policy Base on the Client Device’ and allowed only two devices - My TV and a mobile phone.

LAN 1 port connected to my Laptop
LAN 2 port connected to my TV
LAN 3 port connected to another router (D-link).
Rest all the devices to WiFi…

I selected MAC addresses of my TV and another mobile phone connected via WiFi to follow the above mentioned VPN policy, but I am not sure why the VPN is connected to the D Link router as well.

Any support please?

Do you mean that you only allowed your TV and mobie phone to use VPN as shown below, but your D Link router also access internet via VPN? What is the firmware version of your Flint ? How did you test whether D Link router is using VPN?

@fangzekun, Yes you are correct. I want to enable VPN only to my two devices - TV and a mobile. I am not sure how D-link is connected via the VPN.

Firmware is up to date - Version 4.4.6

I am using Control D as my DNS provider. I can see the ip address in the activity log.

please see the images. Kindly support.

I didn’t reproduce this issue.Can you access https://www.whatismyip.com/ using device behind D Link router, and access again using mobile phone which is allowed to using VPN, and make sure both results showing the same public IP?