VPN is not working


I purchased a spitz for more stability; so far it has been a bit of a nightmare with VPN.
I use Mullvad with wireguard client. I connect with 4G

My phone connects to the VPN fine with the app so no problem with the server or my account

however the router works sometime; then most time end up in this endless cycle unable to connect to the VPN at all. It says there is no Internet connection detected but there IS internet. If I abort the VPN connection I have internet.

So what is going on here; I have the latest firmware.

I have 0 error message; the VPN client is just stuck at connecting…
Reboot and modem reset do nothing…

I tried the phone app also but no luck either.
As soon as I try to connect to VPN the phone app says there is no internet connection but web admin panel is showing internet connection just fine so this is not consistent too.

Looks like the act of connecting drops the 4G access point somehow. Damn this is really frustrating; been trying to connect for the past two hours now

After many many hours wiping all VPN config and reinstalling I finally gave the phone app a try and configured the VPN from there after wiping all VPN configs.

so far it seems to be working BUT I would like to understand…

I will update if the problems comes again

The problem is not vpn, it is your 4G connection.

The UI displays that it has no Internet.

Are you able to check if the 4G connection is normal?

thanks but if I was not clear before it is not a 4g connection issue at all. This is a software issue disconnecting LTE/4g when connecting to VPN.
NO VPN = 4G connection; connect to VPN and no 4G anymore.

BUT there is 4G; the router just thinks its not available

From the screenshot, there is little data goes throught the 4G interface.

So can you confirm that without vpn, you can access other website directly? e.g. Google.

One thing you can check, is to manual set up the 4G and use mtu 1428. If you do not have mtu option, can you upgrade to 3.215 snapshot which added mtu.