VPN, Local Devices with Repeater Mode and same subnet

Hey all,

I’m after some advice on the expected behaviour and resolution of an issue (or user error) I am experiencing with my router.

My home network subnet is 10.0.0.x. The IP address of the router is and I have the wireguard server set up on the router. This works great when connecting wireguard through my phone directly and I can also access all my local devices when connecting using this method.

I just purchased a GL-MT3000 to use when I am travelling. The purpose is to use Wireguard to connect to my home network and access devices at home (and route the internet traffic as well).

I’ve had the 3000 set up at a friend’s house whose router subnet is also 10.0.0.x, with the router IP being I connect to this router via the ‘Repeater’ function on the GL which works as expected and used my laptop to connected to the GL which works great and gives me internet access.

The issue is that when I have the VPN enabled and my laptop connected I can not access my local devices at home (EG or Internet still works OK. I am assuming it is because both my friends router and my router have the same subnet.

After doing some reading, the general advice is to change my home subnet to something more unique, however for now that can’t happen, plus I want to understand why it is happening in case I come across it in future.

I was thinking that it shouldn’t be a problem if my friends router is on the same subnet because the tunnel should have priority, but not sure if that is the case or not? What is the expected functionally here?

Tracert when tethering my phone to the 3000 works as expected and provides access to my devices.

Tracert when connected via repeater mode to the router with the same subnet as my home network fails after the first hop (it doesn’t get past the repeater)

Hope this make sense and someone can shed some light on what should happen here.

4.4.6 firmware


Easiest way to fix this for all time: Change your local home network to something more specific like 192.168.[random].0/24

This will save you much pain.

Routes don’t have priorities. They exist or they don’t. That’s why it creates trouble.

OP, as @admon said, changing over to a will save you headache in the the future. Eg: GL GUI’s VPN → WG Server automatically sets up a for itself.