VPN on Guest Network Only, possible?

Is it possible to have wireguard vpn enabled only on Guest Network and not on the main network?

I think the current options available in Gl-inet devices need to be revisited as we connect streaming services to main network usually (ISP) and not to VPN as streaming service providers block VPN. But if you connect such streaming devices to guest network you won’t be able to access other devices like NAS on the network to stream from.

Try the following strategies

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I understand this scenario but my question is exactly opposite of it. I am seeing any possibility of having VPN on Guest network only and not on main network. Why so? Because this way you can:

1- Any device which wants to use non-VPN connection can use main connection SSID.
2- Any device which wants to use a VPN connection can switch to guest SSID.

I don’t know if on software side this can be implemented but if yes it will be awesome.

Please note that my policy is consistent with your scenario, guest SSID uses VPN, master SSID does not use VPN.

Amazing. I am really grateful for this help. I tried again and it worked :smile:
Many many thanks indeed.

I am wondering if this will work in ‘mesh’ scenario as well? Because probably in mesh there is only one SSID for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. But guest SSID will still be transmitted separately and boosted? not sure if it will follow VPN rules.

Hi, last time when you helped it worked but there is an issue now. I have set up NextDNS DNS in web view (manual DNS settings) and nextDNS account page doesn’t detect me using their DNS and points that I am using VPN DNS.

Can you please help.