VPN on/off switch without going to GUI (IOS14)

Hi All, I just want to share with you guys this simple config to toggle VPN On/Off without going to the routers GUI.

1 On your IOS device (IOS14) settings>wifi>(GL-Inet SSID)>Private Address. ON
2. On you GL-Inet device VPN>VPN Policies>enable VPN Policies>please choose rules>Do not use VPN for the following>add the private MAC ADDRESS of the device>Add>Apply

The Private address toggle for wifi is now a VPN switch for that device… Enjoy!

This may not be for everybody, but for those like me who have some apps that require the VPN to be temporarily off. This is a convenient way.

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Wow, this seems a nice trick.

Hope IOS14 does not change mac address per APP randomly

^I was thinking about that too. I’ve been testing this for 3 days now, so far its still working. At the settings above, it is configured to use VPN when the Private Address is OFF. If the mac address change randomly at ON maybe we can invert the settings.

I think you should invert the settings.

When you do NOT use private Mac address on IOS14, it will display a privacy warning, so this state should refer to not using vpn.

Not a bad trick.

I use shortcuts app to send a signal to bring the VPN up or down via SSH

Then I can just have an easy to press button to toggle the VPN… Another one to try at least.