VPN Policies issue

Hi all, I have a GL-AR750S running 3.026 and I’m having trouble getting VPN policies to work.

I’m using Wireguard as my VPN and the issue I have is that I any device I set to bypass the VPN (either via IP or MAC) loses internet connectivity all together. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what the issue may be? Thanks in advance.

Can you send a screenshot of the vpn policies you set?

you can refer to the doucumentation in here

Sure, here you can see I just have my LG TV in the list but I have tried multiple other devices and all lose internet access if they are listed here.

I am having the same issue here too. Did you find a fix?

Same issue here as well, happens every time I activate VPN policies, if i disable Use VPN for all processes on the router, DNS completely stops working (but internet connection seems to work fine?). If i enable it, internet works, but everything slows down to unusable levels. This happens with both domain-based VPN policies and MAC address policies. Currently running snapshot from 20 november, 3.100