VPN policies not available GL-S1300

I have upgraded the firmware on GL-S1300 to 3.023, andI can’t find the VPN policies on the router. how can I install it? or what’s the name of the package?

The VPN routing is not currently in the firmware yet. It should be in the next version or shortly after :slight_smile:

Hello folks - any update on when the next firmware will be released? I’m looking forward for the VPN policies function too. Current on 3.023 on the same.

you can upgrade the latest testing firmware , you download it from GL.iNet download center

Though if it’s a GL-S1300 probably better off downloading from here: :slight_smile:


Sweet! Thanks folks :slight_smile:

so, VPN policies don’t seem to work on mine even though I’ve configured it just fine. For testing purposes, I’ve assigned an IP to go through VPN and have assigned my Laptop the same IP - however it doesn’t seem to route through VPN. If I put VPN policy off, everythign works (as everything is going through VPN)

model and firmware version pls

Same as you can read above on this thread :man_shrugging:t2:

This thread is about the S1300 so i think he has a S1300 :smiley:

A bug should be fixed a week ago. So if your firmware is 3.026-0729 then it should work. A little bit earlier version should not.

Version 3.026
Compile Time: 2019-07-29 7:52:30