Vpn policies not working - puli

puli on 3.215. Connected via wireguard. VPN works.

Policies guest network not on vpn works as expected.

domain/ip → do not use →

does not

rebooting router after settings, rebooting PC, clearing DNS cache etc.

How did you set? Can you give a screenshot? and how do you verifiy?

speedcheck.org is supposed to show local ip and provider but instead shows vpn ip and provider i.e. it is under vpn

apply button was pressed - > no joy
vpn restarted → no joy
router rebooted → no joy
router hard on/off → no joy

Cache cleared / browser restarted / computer restarted → no joy
different computer used → no joy

problem exists for both wireguard and openvpn configurations

tried different domains of sites that expose and report ip/provider - same problems so not site related

Let me check tomorrow

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