VPN Policies option not available

I have a GL-A1300 Firmware 4.5.16.
I have established WireGuard VPN to another GL-inet router.
I wish to create a routing policy for all trafic on Lan1 to pass through this vpn and all traffic on Lan2 to to go straight to the Wan port.
On on GL.iNet Router Docs 3 it says “Starting from version 3.022 users can define VPN routing policies” -
BUT this option is not available under VPN or elsewhere.
How do I enable it or what is the alternative.
I have searched the internet in vain.

It‘s called Proxy mode in 4.x

Thanks for replying.
I cannot find it on any of the menus. Where is it meant to be?
Is my unit faultyor coruptied?

Is your device from China? Does it say “CN” in your dashboard?

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Bought from Amazon.co.uk last year, but made in China - isn’t everything!
No sign of CN.

Do you use your device in access pointer, extender or any other mode beside the “normal” one?

I am not quiet sure what you mean by normal mode.
It is setup as a router.
Internet provided by tethering USB LTE modem (DHCP mode),
WireGaurd VPN active and working as expected.
WiFi is OFF
Presently, traffic from both Lan1 and Lan2 are passing through WireGuard VPN correctly.
I wish to configure Lan1 as subnet1 and Lan2 as subnet2 and for
Lan1 traffic to go straight to USB LTE and Lan2 traffic to go via WireGuard VPN.
I hope I have answered your question clearly.

Two subnets isn’t possible by using the GL GUI anyway which will make the setup more complicated. You need to use luci for it.

I can’t help with that right now because I am not in front of a router. But maybe some others can help here.

Thanks for you help.
I was hoping to use the imbeded “Guest Network” as the 2nd. subnet?
But I am not adversed to using luci - any tips, anyone?

If you have set up vpn you should have it.