VPN policies question

I have AR 750 Creta and B 1300 and I’m very satisfied about them.
My question is:
why is not possible te combined use of "use vpn for and “do not use vpn for”?
If these functions were possible together I could use gl inet router as main router of my lan more easily…


so isn’t “use vpn for” + “do not use vpn for” = all

Actually we tried to combine IP based and domain based rules. But there are too many combinations and we really cannot make it easy to understand.

I have a question though: does current vpn policy work as expected now?

Vpn policies works very fine for me.
It should be enough for me to be able to:

  1. Domain/ip based and mac address based combined policies.

  2. check or no check every single domain or mac address box of my “Do not use vpn for” list.

Is it possible?
I would be willing to act as a beta tester…

This one we had but we removed it. It is too complicated to define. There was 32 rules combined.

This is something possible.

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This is just an incoming good result…
Could You add just this feature?

This one would be fantastic. I hope we have it avaliable again.

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In “do not use vpn for” section are ip or domains only destinations while mac addresses sources, right?
I ask you because I’ve tried to insert an ip of a client 192.168.8.x but the client has contineued to go out through VPN.
Considering that Domain/ip based and mac address based combined policies is too complicated to define It would be possible, at least, to have sources ip and destinations ip/domains combined policy?


Let’s consider an example:

If you have set to use vpn, and
have set youtube.com not to use vpn


should able to access youtube.com via vpn or not?

Yes goes to YouTube not via vpn.
My vpn policies are:
Use vpn for all process and not for guest lan. Do not use vpn for a list of domains (e.g.netflix, youtube) and ip (my main lan 192.168.1.x) and it works.
I would like to be able to maintain this policy and to add clients IPs of 192.168.8.x (b 1300 lan) that never have to go through vpn.
This possibility would allow me to use b 1300 as main router of my lan; now instead clients that never go through vpn have to stay in the lan of main router.
Is it possible?