VPN Policies wildcards on (GL-AX1800 Flint)

Hi there,

I am using a wireguard vpn and enabled the VPN Policies feature.

My idea was to use the VPN for everything, except a few geo restricted and streaming sites, but this is not working as intended, for subdomains…

For example, I want to bypass the VPN for netflix.com and a few other domains, such as nflxso.net or nflxvideo.net which are critical to play the media. However, netflix specifically uses randomized subdomains of these domains, so when I add the domains above to the exclusions lists, it does not work for it’s subdomains and netflix blocks me.

I would like to add the root domain, and then skip the vpn for that domain and all subdomains.
Of course, ideally it should support wildcards, but that not being possible I would at least be happy if I can skip all subdomains for the root domain that I added.

Is there any possibility to do this, either via web interface or command line?


Unfortunately it does not support wildcard now.

Add one by one

I cannot add one by one, the subdomains are randomized and there is no public list.
I though maybe I can lookup their IP range, but they also use AWS so it’s not ideal.

Can I have rules by domain and mac address simultaneously, or do I have to pick either by domain/ip vs mac address?

You have to pick up one.

Please implement it. It is not good at al.

You may want this: