VPN Policy Base on the Target IPv6 Support

I am using a GL-AXT1800 and want to send my OpenVPN traffic through stunnel. The connection works pretty well until the “only allow traffic through the VPN” option blocks the actual connection from stunnel to the server. To prevent this blocking, I tried to add my IPv6 server address to the “Do not use VPN” list under “VPN Policy Base on the Target Domain or IP”. This seems to not change the default route as expected to the actual internet gateway. When using an IPv4, however, everything works as expected. I now have to manually add the route using the ip route command, which is suboptimal as I don’t know if the router will always be connected to internet over Wi-Fi or LAN etc.

When setting the mode to “Auto detect”, no routing is changed at all based on my OpenVPN profile, which should route all traffic through the connection. Something is off here ^^

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What IPV6 server do you mean?

VPN policy based on the target Domain or IP, is referring to the website or server you want to access.