VPN Policy Based On The Target Domain Or IP Needs Fixing Again

The new firmware 4.5.* VPN Policy Based On The Target Domain Or IP does not work still goes via the VPN, this was fixed in Firmware version: v4.4.5 to 6 but not in the new 4.5.* firmware.
Try it yourself if you use an I.P. address it works but not the domain name type in and it works but is you put in ipfingerprints.com you will see it goes via your VPN.

UPDATE unfortunate this still doesn’t work on a streaming devices, so i will have to flash firmware 4.4.6

Have you enabled custom dns or adguardhome?
It must turn them off for firmware 4.4.6 or 4.5 to make domain VPN policy work.
DNS query separation to work. ie. via VPN or non-VPN interface.
I didn’t reproduce your issue. Could you please export log?

Are you sure about that? I’m using 4.5.7 and AGH - and it still works.

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Sorry I mixed the issues, just revised my reply.

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Hi thanks for the reply I found the problem please except my apologies back on the latest firmware again it was AdGuard causing the problem I’ve upgrades to Version: v0.107.44 and the VPN police rules work fine now, and if AdGuard is deactivated on the stock version it also solves the problem.
Thank you for all your help :+1:

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