VPN policy in GL-AX1800 error

Hi all,

I am trying to connect two GL-AX1800 (link to other post). The net is:

  1. setup AX1800-A as Wireguard server (
  2. setup AX1800-B as Wireguard client and connect to AX1800-A through Wireguard
  3. setup “VPN Policy Base on the Client Device” , allow my PC to use VPN

I have fix the configuration but I have a new problem. When the client between routers is connected, if I connect SSH to AX1800-B and I execute “nslookup google.com” I don’t have any reply. This is because it is routing through AX1800 A and not WAN link.

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 21.635 ms 22.244 ms 22.190 ms

Are there any configuration to route the router traffic to my WAN and not through WGclient?


I think is the same issue with DNS, Wireguard and AdGuard.

If I stop AdGuard or Wireguard the nslookup in the router works.

I hope an update.


Command run by nonevpn usergroup will not go through VPN.

sudo -g nonevpn nslookup google.com

Off-topic: slight criticism: novpn would be a better English translation… unless novpn is already used for a different function, of course.

Appreciated for that advice.

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