VPN Policy Ineffective with Wireguard (GL-X1200 3.203)

I just switched my Amarok (GL-X1200) from OpenVPN client to Wireguard Client, and since doing so, the VPN Policies are no longer effective. I’m on the latest system 3.203 using a custom/manual wireguard configuration to a Wireguard server I run myself. I can’t get the Amarok to steer any clients through the VPN at all, and that is rather inconvenient.

VPN policies worked just fine with OpenVPN.

Is there some nuance that I could be missing?

It should work both.

Can you disable the policy and enable it again and check

Yes I have tried that already. I have also tried erasing the wireguard configuration and re-configuring it. I’ve tried passing all clients through VPN (do not use policy with empty list) and also passing a specific client (“only use” policy with MAC address in list) and no matter, the client traffic is not going through VPN (using whatismyip.com to check).