Vpn policy issue after update

After updating my router GL-AX1800 and the admin panel to v4.1.0 i cant anymore use the vpn policy based on target domain and based on vlan at the same time. In the old ui you could exclude the “guest” vlan to go through the vpn and at the same time have the policy based on domains for my main Vlan which is going through vpn. How can i fix this?

? v4.4.6-release 1 is the latest stable firmware for the Flint.

Yeah but the admin panel is version 4.1 0

Seems more like something got wrong here.
I just tried it with my AX1800 and the panel shows 4.4.6 as version

Erm, not for me

Might be that the internal updater will only update the minor version updates.
Try to update using the firmware image: GL.iNet download center

Ok i just updated using the local update but i still have the issue mentioned about the vpn policy

I can confirm that the required option does not exist (anymore?).
Guess we have to wait for some GL.iNet staff to tell us what the alternative would be.

Thats the old admin panel with the mentioned options.

Thats the new one where u can only pick one option.

Yes, current firmware can only have one of the three policy modes.
Combined Policy mode will be redesigned in firmware 4.6 or 4.7.