VPN Proxy mode "Based on the Target Domain or IP" prevents me from accessing the internet

I bought the Flint router because I really liked the idea of being able to have a VPN for just the websites that I need (eg for streaming) but it is causing issues. Some websites don’t load anymore and looks to me like a DNS issue. Anybody got any ideas why this is happening and how to solve it?

My set up:
Policy: VPN Policy Base On The Target Domain Or IP
Accessing Following Domain/IP: Use VPN
VPN on

EDIT: Using the VPN Policy Base On The Client Device works

For websites, it’s often not just a single domain name. For example, if you visit facebook, you might get images from google, so you need to add google to the policy list as well.
You can see all the requests in your browser by pressing F12

But if I understand the policy correctly it should route the defined domain names through VPN and the rest without VPN. However, when activating that policy nothing loads anymore.

Please provide your firmware version and domain address.

Firmware version is 4.1.0 and domain didn’t matter. Right now it started working again. I will post log and domain example when it starts acting up again

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Ah I see. I turned on Adguard home yesterday and with it on it works. But with it off nothing loads anymore. Not domain specific

That tells me it definitely is a DNS issue. I switched DNS automatic to encrypted and now it works