VPN Proxy Mode

I am using GL-MT3000 router and would like to clarify one thing, is it possible to mix the different VPN Proxy Mode. My use case is that I want one laptop to use VPN completely and for other laptop I would like to use VPN connection for some domains. Is this configuration is possible?


The VPN is one connection ‘over’ the WAN. The laptops are connected on the LAN.

Technically your setup would be possible, but difficult to tell how to configure in general.
I think in your case you could try to make full VPN for the LAN, and no VPN for GuestLAN, and set up an own VPN with the complex rule-set on the Laptop itself.

I am using GL-MT3000 and connecting this with WIFI to another AP, I have checked I can use VPN policy based on client side where I can define the MAC for which client to use MAC and for which I don’t. This solves one issue, only issue now is that some clients I would like to use only few URL’s which should go via VPN and other should follow normal flow. Is it possible to use multiple SSID on GL-MT3000 where 1 will be using VPN and other not?