VPN router question? (Work abroad)

Hello everyone,

I am on the road to “work from home” in another country. At the minute I am based in the UK.
I want to purchase a VPN router so my IP location stays in the UK. Atm I am looking at Beryl AX GL-MT3000 router. With openVPN and WireGuard.
The system I am working from is a desktop PC which uses a wired internet cable, no Wi-Fi.
What is the better option (easier)? To set up two routers, one as a VPN server to a network in the UK and another router in the country I am going to as a client and connect the client one to my desktop. Or buy the above mentioned router and use it as a VPN aka taking it with me?
Whats the process behind both ?

Thank you,

< snicker > I love how many people are looking to do clandestine remote working now that the COVID ‘lockdowns’ are all but lifted. It’s good stuff.

@Arralian , that’s a great choice for a GL device but don’t forget the Slate AX outperforms the Beryl AX in both WireGuard & OpenVPN. You’re going to want WireGuard as your VPN tunnel tech. if you can.

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I suggest you set it up like this

Run the WireGuard Server on this router. Then generate the client profile and export it.
But you need to make sure it has a public IP available. This device has a public IP or you can set up forwarding on the ISP router.

Yes, you just need to import this client profile in WireGuar Client and run it.

The choice depends on your preference for simplicity and security. If you prefer a simple setup, a single VPN router may be more suitable. Of course if buy proxies is not a problem for you, then this would be the best option. If you prioritize a clear separation between local networking and remote working, then two routers would be preferable.