VPN router question? (Work abroad)

Hello everyone,

I am on the road to “work from home” in another country. At the minute I am based in the UK.
I want to purchase a VPN router so my IP location stays in the UK. Atm I am looking at Beryl AX GL-MT3000 router. With openVPN and WireGuard.
The system I am working from is a desktop PC which uses a wired internet cable, no Wi-Fi.
What is the better option (easier)? To set up two routers, one as a VPN server to a network in the UK and another router in the country I am going to as a client and connect the client one to my desktop. Or buy the above mentioned router and use it as a VPN aka taking it with me?
Whats the process behind both ?

Thank you,

< snicker > I love how many people are looking to do clandestine remote working now that the COVID ‘lockdowns’ are all but lifted. It’s good stuff.

@Arralian , that’s a great choice for a GL device but don’t forget the Slate AX outperforms the Beryl AX in both WireGuard & OpenVPN. You’re going to want WireGuard as your VPN tunnel tech. if you can.

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I suggest you set it up like this

Run the WireGuard Server on this router. Then generate the client profile and export it.
But you need to make sure it has a public IP available. This device has a public IP or you can set up forwarding on the ISP router.

Yes, you just need to import this client profile in WireGuar Client and run it.