Vpn server (b1300) without dhcp

hi - I would like to use the B1300 router as vpn server - only for 2 w10-lan-clients.

is it possible to use the b1300 router without dhcp and without wifi. the fritzbox is doing the dhcp and the clients have a network address e.g. - the dhcp should stay on the fritzbox ( - this is important because of my smarthome network with about 200 clients (they should not use the vpn-tunnel)

the b1300 is on - like the standard settings

ist it possible to configure the client ( to use the vpn tunnel for internet and still have a connection to the net - can I configure the b1300 to do this.

I do not have experience in network settings - maybe somebody could help me

First of all, this is configuring B1300 as VPN client, not vpn server.

When you configure it as vpn client and want to route some device via vpn, you should use vpn policy.

In your case, you use use IP/Domain based policy and bypass vpn for network.

thanx for your reply

you are right - I configured the vpn connection over vpn-client. this is working over wifi connections. but at the moment the b1300 is switched off - because of the 2 dhcp servers :frowning:

my questions are:

  • how to disable the dhcp server on the b1300 ?
  • how to configure the win10 lan client - should the client get an fixed ip address in the range of the b1300. eg. and the gateway ?
  • do I have to add a route on b1300 to the net ?
  • if the client defined gateway is - does the b1300 knows, that it should route over vpn into the internet (I have tried this - is not working) - I have read somewhere that I have to use the b1300 dhcp server in order to get a vpn connection because the vpn connection is only working if dhcp is kowing the client-pc