VPN Server Issues

I have just got a Spitz and fitted it with a shiny new sim with the plan to extend a network on a ship (allowing us to remotely monitor stuff). My grand idea was to use a vpn server to extend the lan and this will allow me to run my monitoring software without changes.
Sadly I’m failing at the first hurdle - my spitz can see the internet through the sim. I then set up the wireguard server on my home internet (for testing) just using the default settings. I’ve downloaded wireguard onto my laptop and copied the config file into it.
But when I activate it I just get stuck on handshaking, I’ve also tried OpenVPN server with a similar lack of success.
Any help or advice will be appreciated.
Many Thanks and happy new year

Hi there,

Happy new year too !

Just a dumb question , did you actually forwarded the needed ports on your home router for OpenVpn or Wireguard ? Also are you using a ddns service ? Or have you activated the used of the glddns(admin pannel->left menu"Applications"->“Enabled DDNS” in the settings of the router ?

If the above steps are completed then you can start to search for a problem but if they are not completed they are the problem :slight_smile: .


Thanks misujr,
I’m new to vpns so no question is too dumb for me…
That all makes sense, I’ve set-up the ddns and assume it takes a while to get sorted (it’s saying domain is not available currently)
Port forwarding is set and ready to go… I will keep you posted tomorrow
Many Thanks

You’re welcome :wink: .
Let’s see how it goes for you . Nowadays I prefer to run my server in a VPS(Virtual Private Server) with a cheap cloud provider because that removes the need for DDNS and seems much easier to manage as both my home and my target (in your case the ship) become clients of the VPS thru VPN and therefore are still in the same network :slight_smile: .