Vpn server list download is slow

hi, GL-iNet, in your router firmware (such as v3.212), the wireguard client ‘vpn server list’ download function is slow. the vpn providers now have hundreds of vpn servers. it takes about 20 minutes to process. please solve this.

and also, how about making a web user interface (checkboxes) to select subsets of the vpn server list for download (such as by country, category, etc). that could be a way to make it faster.

also, you could contact the vpn providers to make data structures to solve this being slow.

your efforts are much appreciated. best regards. please reply. thanks

Since most people don’t need the 100s of servers and only use a select few, you can extract the servers you do want from the complete list and rezip them up and then load them. I only use about 4 servers out of 100s so the rest is just “noise” and makes it hard to swap between and select the ones I do want.

Working. Here is a screentshot for your reference

yes, i see your work, excellent. good progress.

and remember to include a minimal clicks user interface (perhaps a drop list entry) to specify loading all vpn servers (such as “All Servers [complete list] (nnnnn)”) for those persons that can wait for the 20 minutes of processing.

and, also consider to include drop list entry for those other vpn servers (such as “Other Servers [no country] (nnnn)”) that are not named (by the vpn provider) by country.

and, also perhaps some way to select to exclude or include their beta/testing vpn servers.

you may ask me any questions. thanks

and, in other words, please also make it cover the ‘edge cases’ in the vpn server lists.

much appreciated. thanks for your efforts.