VPN Server - Max Clients

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of clients connected to a device’s VPN Server? OpenVPN or Wireguard?

I’m researching a solution where we would issue hundreds or potentially thousands of low power N150 or N300 to customers. These devices would be pre-configured as VPN clients connected to a more powerful device like MV1000 running as a VPN server.

The clients would transfer little to no data over the VPN, except for when we need to connected to the device for remote support.

This solution works great with a handful of devices… but I’m curious of what could happen as we scale into the hundreds.

What sort of limitations or problems might I face with this solution? Thanks!

We didn’t do such testing. Tens of clients should be fine. But hundreds of clients I don’t know. MV1000 is powerful, but still not as powerful as pc grade.